Over thousands of students have successfully completed Key 2 Maths sequential multiplication Program in Just 2 Days!

STEM education is the way forward for today's children
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Key 2 Maths is a powerhouse for :

  • 7 to 14 year old
  • Beginners
  • Those struggling for years
  • Speed enhancement

Program not suitable for Special Needs Children

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K2M Innovative Teaching Methodology Stimulates a Child's Mind & Interest
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Learning is made Fun & Easy via...

  • Engaging pictures
  • Captivating stories
  • Simple patterns
  • Logical thinking

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We Help Reduce...

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Anxieties
  • Frustrations
  • Mental Block

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Key 2 Maths is an exclusive copyrighted program.
It establishes powerful & positive bonds between children and mathematics

Championing children to develop strong STEM fundamentals

One of the root causes of children disliking Maths is their inability to memorise multiplication at an early age.

Transforming children to love Maths

The child's barrier in Maths which is an unfortunate reality can be overcome

Giving them a head start in Maths & helping them to acquire a lifetime skill.
Remedial help that parents need when a child dislikes or shows no confidence in Maths.
Targeting 80% to 90% real improvements in their Post Assessment
Complementing & not competing with parents, teachers and learning institutions.
Confidence building once grasped, may also translate to all other subjects

Parents' Testimonials

Key2Maths is all about real breakthroughs. It is not idle self-praise. It comes from the appreciative hearts of parents. They've seen it firsthand in their children. Educators are equally amazed at the progress across a variety of students. Best hear it directly from them.

All these years, learning multiplications or Maths seemed to be a nightmare for her.Thankfully, all these negatives were overcome when she attended the Key2Maths Program...

Pn. Emmarelda Maswesi Bt Ahmad
Pn. Emmarelda Maswesi Bt Ahmad (Mother)
Child's Name : Batrisyia Zara Bt Abdul Farid

This boosts his confidence in learning and increases his desire to be better in the subject. I will recommend this workshop to parents who want their kids to have a good foundation of the times table and multiplication facts.

Tam Chia Li
Tam Chia Li (Mother)
Child's Name : Chong Foo Phan

The coaches guidance & support has uplifted their confidence to a whole different level & now they are having so much fun in their Maths. As a happy parent I can proudly & humbly say that Key 2 Maths Program was a great investment for my children.

Shalinidevi (Mother)
Child's Name : Divhaashini Kalai Kumar & Sanandasne Kalai Kumar
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